Gallery Boa c. imperator Costa Rica

Boa c. imperator Costa Rica

Distribution areaCosta Rica

Estimated average length of mature Boa c. imperator femalesup 1,8m - 2,2m (5,9 - 7,2 ft)

Taxonomic status Subspecies recognized by the CITES convention

Crawl Cay
Ambergris Caye
El Salvador
Costa Rica


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 Like in most other boa subspecies dark and light specimens (or rather bloodlines) are existing in the Costa Rica Boa constrictor imperator as well. The basic coloration of these animals is ranging from tan to an iridescent bluegray.

The females can reach a length of about 7 feet (the average length is about 6 ft.) Our adult breeder female female is about 5 ft. 4 and has been imported from Costa Rica back in 1998 when she was still a baby.

The babies are generally born in March or April, which is rather early in comparison to other boas.

This Costa Rica Boa c. imperator was photographed in January 2002 in the serpentarium of Monteverde, Costa Rica. The animal was caught in the Monteverde cloud forest in about 4000 ft. altitude near a farm that had chickens