Captive born March 16, 2010

Finally it worked out! This year we have got a litter of Colombian Pastell and Hyperpastell Boas. It's a perfect litter of lusty and gorgeous looking specimens.

We made some photos but ask you to take into consideration that like in all true boa constrictors the stunning color of the Hyperpastell Colombians will not fully develope before the second or third year of life.

We have added a photo of a hyperpastell boa (same bloodline) captive born in 2008 in order that you get an idea how the babies will shape up.

It remains to be mentioned that everybody who has seen our Hyperpastell Colombian boas in the flesh told us that they are even more beautiful as in the photos and the videos.

We accept orders as of now. 

Here is a photo of a Colombian Hyperpastell boa captive born 2008 in order that you get an idea how the babies will shape up.

And: Yes, this is the real colour of our Hyperpastell boas!

Boa c. constrictor Columbia Hyperpastell 2008

Boa c. constrictor Colombia - Hyperpastell at the age of 1 year

Boa c. constrictor Columbia Hyperpastell mother of the offspring 2008


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Boa c. constrictor Colombia

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In order to reduce our breeding stock we sell this adult pair of Pastell Boa c. imperator from Colombia.

Männchen/Male adult

Weibchen/female adult




There is a significant colour potential in the colombian Hyperpastelle boas, as you can see in this photo. Unfortunately, all of these stunners are already sold. However, even though the animals who are still for sale are not quite as colourful, they have nevertheless the same genetic endowments and can produce "elite - specimens" like in the photo above. Your advantage: The Hyperpastell Colombians who are still for sale are not as expensive as the stunners have been.